Interacting with a varied genre of people during his train journey’s while pursuing Civil engineering and a short tenure in the Army; the outlook of the common man towards colours of life triggered Amit Behki’s Creative mind. To further enhance his skills in sketching and drawing he joined NIIFT in 2001 and started with designing neckties and as a consultant with brands like- Colorplus, Zara, Van Heusen, Blackberry, Lifestyle and many more.

Creative Stop was conceptualized in 2007 with a vision of customized solutions to Men’s grooming and Couture. Amit has designed for more than 5000 grooms and families till date.

Married to Reema and blessed with Navy and Vivaan, he loves traveling, making new friends, cricket, Interior designing and every Friday release.
Not the least – he’s a staunch believer of “OM” and Sai baba.

Editor – Sonal Makhija

“Customized, elaborateoutfits and personal attention during wedding preparations is not the prerogatives of only Brides”says Amit Behki, a Delhi based designer and founder of StudioCreativeStop; that offers Groomscustomized Wedding Coutureand continued attentionto their en tire outlook. Here’s a little quick peek in his work, passion and personal life

Tell us about your fashion career and how did you venture into luxury couture?

I used to Interact with a varied genre of people during my train journey’s while pursuing Civil engineering, which triggered my creative mind and outlook towards colours of life. To further enhance my skills in sketching and drawing, I did fashion designing in 2001 and started with designing neckties for brands like- Colorplus,Blackberry, Lifestyle and many more. Creative Stop was conceptualized in 2007 with a vision of customized solutions to Men’s grooming and Couture.We have a unique collection of Sherwanis, Western Suits, Fusion-inspired Outfits and Jodhpuri, Bandhgala, Blazers &Jackets. Amit Behki has designed for more than 3000 grooms and families giving each one his individualized personal attention.

Why does your Studio Creative Stop only cater to Men’s wear?

Creative Stop is a one stop Studio that offers grooms customized wedding outfits and continued attention to their entire outlook. In present times grooms also require customized, elaborate outfits and personal attention during their wedding which was earlier perceived to be the prerogative of only brides; hence the reason for catering to ONLY Men’s wear. The Studio is “an artistic expression” of our exclusive men wear collection, featuring Sherwanis,suits, kurtas and other ethnic wear.It also features a design studio catering to men’s clothing, and offers personalized services. I don’t fabricate the designs, I “help people visualize them” through my work, says Amit Behki

What is your brand’s USP?

Men now a day take great interest in being well dressed and groomed; his wedding is a primary occasion when he wants to look his best. Given the present day hectic working schedules; Creative Stop provides tailor made services accordingly. They have options of ‘late night and early morning timings’ – 09:30pm to 04:30am – when busy grooms can consult Amit Behki on their Wedding Couture. Besides this, we also offer ‘studiodressing’ ensuring a good fit and style to the groom’s dress. Highlighters in the form of accessories – light jewellery, footwear and headgear (turban) are not to be left out for last minute glitches – everything is taken care of at Creative Stop which has become a trend setter.

You have recently opened another studio in Gurgaon. Tell us something about it?

Over the years, we have witnessed customized buying behaviour across the globe. My collection is crafted with skill and elegance and a perfect blend of our customers’ requirements and our creativity”.Most of my clientele residing in Gurgaon had to travel all the way to my West Delhi Studio. Secondly, Gurgaon has a majority of young working professionals. To bridge the gap between the customized demands and delivery the Gurgaon Studio was opened. We aim to create a strong customer friendly base and give new dimensions to style and fashion beyond mannequins and ramps. Creative Stop is all about moving away from cliché of general shopping trend to personal stylist trend. The studio offers 48 hours stitch ready services for its formal clothing line. Creative Stop has carved a niche in ever growing demand for customized Men’s wear.

Apart from designing, what are your other interests?

I love traveling,playing cricket and am a movie buff – 1st day 1st show, not the least,I am a staunch believer of Sai baba. My wife Reema and my kids are my biggest support.

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