Groom Story


Hi, my name is Samarth Bajaj my Roka Ceremony was on 7th July 2013 followed by a Grand Wedding Celebration on 14th April 2014.

There was a pretty long courtship period between my roka and wedding. Both I and my wife decided on frisking for the latest wedding stuff in the market, which would be the best choice for us on that special day.

The time was ticking away... Months turned out into days and we were left with only 45 days in our hands and there was still so much left to be done. Most importantly our outfits were yet to be decided and I was still unsure from where to buy it. But there was one thing which was very clear to me that I desired par excellence outfits for all the wedding related festivities.

On a bright Sunday I and my wife decided on exploring the market and started our drive from Punjabibagh towards pitampura ,it was then when we spotted a huge banner of CREATIVE STOP on our left. We thought of at least giving it a try and entered the studio with a very hesitant perception. The moment we entered the store we came across a big statue of SAI BABA and there was a very prominent fragrance which made the whole aura of the studio very divine and mesmerizing. All these things gave an optimistic hunch to me and somehow I knew that this would be an end to our search.

As we went further and probed at the reception for meeting the owner, we were told that we can’t meet him until we have taken a prior appointment. After that we were made to wait for 20 minutes and then we met Amit bhaiya for the first time.

AMIT BEKHI is a gem of a person and is extremely soft spoken. He has an artistic approach towards fashion and has a stupendous know how about latest styles and designs. He offers a unique collection and amazingly doesn’t refer to any fashion catalogue. He brings out his own masterpiece while speaking to the clients based upon the pre stated requisites. On the whole I can say that Amit bhaiya is Inimitable among along the fashion designers in Delhi & NCR.

We had a lengthy conversation for around 45 minutes, wherein we discussed about the ideal attires for all the different occasions. While he was explaining to me about the concept of safa and Turban he displayed 3 different types of Sherwanis & Tuxedos and we finalized 2 dresses among them for which he gave us a final quotation and we merrily left the studio.

After visiting his Studio we were very much impressed with the prices quoted to us and decided to order them in the coming week. We were so excited after selecting such magnificent outfits, that we decided neither to reveal the concept nor the attire to anyone from our family. It was also because I was still very concerned about the final outcome of the attires and for me I was taking a pretty big risk.

My order got booked and the clothes were designed similar to the dresses that my wife worn for all the functions. They opted for the same theme my wife worn for the functions, and this is the USP of Creative Stop.

The major things which attracted me towards Creative stop were:
1. An astounding designer Mr. Amit Behki; who changes the personality of a man from No one to someone and I consider him as a magician in a true sense.
2. I applaud his contemplation of dressing an Indian Groom similar to an Indian Bride.
3. The regal Gold Theme used throughout the studio gave a feeling of being Royal and it was reflective in their services too.
4. Their Friendly Staff members who will take care of you staring from entering the store till the time of delivery.
5. The unforgettable overall impression of the attires.
6. Distinctive concept of Safa which complemented the whole look of the attire. This was something new to me which I never saw before.
7. Even Before finalizing the dresses they made me try it, in order to eradicate any scope of last minute alterations.
8. The cherry on the cake is the exclusive Photo Shoot concept for the grooms.

On the day of the trail we were called to reach at around 9:00 p.m. and it took almost 4 hours for the final fitting, and we got free by 2:00 a.m. in the night. I personally had an amazing experience as there were more 15 grooms ahead of me who were waiting to proceed one by one towards their final fittings.

I arrived home at 2:30 a.m. and at that point I was completely free from any anxiety, as I was now pretty confident that I took the right decision of getting dressed from Creative Stop and Amit Bhaiya designed all the garbs beyond my expectations. I was very curious of flaunting these apparels during the functions in front of my family and friends as I kept it as a secret from everyone. This was quite a huge risk that I took, but I was very contented with the final outcome as I bagged compliments from veryone who was invited in the wedding. I must say that all this became possible only because of Amit Bhaiya’s aptitude of fashion & designing.

My Dresses Were Like:
Amit Bhaiya shortlisted the below mentioned attires for me:
- For the D-Day
Sherwani with a Saffa (Turban)
- For the Sagan Ceremony
Tuxedo with a waist Band and a Bow

I would like to Thank Amit bhaiya from the bottom of my heart for making my wedding a remarkable and unforgettable occasion, which I would cherish for the whole life. I truly respect him for his gentleness and his careful approach for details. I wish him success and good luck for his career ahead. May God bless him.

Thanks And Regards
Samarth Bajaj