Groom Story



Roka on December 25th and Wedding on February 22nd, I barely had time to do everything I wanted to, for my wedding. And with Renovation at home kicked in, I had almost no time for shopping. I used to sneak out of home for shopping trips but wasn’t getting my kind of thing. You name any market and I have been there for a detailed research, Whether it is Karol Bagh, CP, Gurgaon, Rajouri, South-Ex, Saket etc. etc. I wanted my look to be perfect in my own way and was looking for someone who could understand what I was looking at.

Its was February 5th and my anxiety was mounting, I almost gave up the idea of going for custom tailoring and was thinking of settling for a production article (the last thing I wanted to happen), I discovered this Men's Designer studio called Creative Stop and remembered that one of my friends recommended it. I walked in to check their collection (and believe me, just to check out the collection as my heart was set on relatively more famous markets like ShapurJat and HauzKhaz). The moment I walked in, It felt like a different world. Before I could sink into that feeling, I was greeted by someone at their reception. I asked for the collection and they told me that I need to come again with an appointment and I was like 'REALLY'. I returned back thinking I will not return back.

There were a few things which triggered curiosity, that out-of-the-world ambience and that strikingly different interiors and that mystic fragrance and above all, I could not peep into their collection as there was not even a single garment on display on the Show-window that they have.

I took an appointment and returned 20 minutes later and met this guy ‘Amit Behki’ for the first time. I walked into their studio for the first time, they have this exclusive lounge for to-be Dulhas and I was soaked in an even mystic and unusual aura which was so calm and yet so vibrant. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Amit started discussing things with me and spent 15-20 minutes understanding my taste for dresses, What Ramina (My Wife) was wearing on wedding and many other things. He drafted something on a piece of paper and asked if he can start showing me concepts By then, I was serious about living my original Custom tailoring plans. I asked him that I need to rush to architect to finalize a few things and asked him till what time they remain open. And he asked me when do you want to come 12 am…1 am… 2 am…??? And I was like ‘’Are you Serious??” We mutually fixed the time at 1 am and it was so good to have this luxury of Dress consultancy in the midnight as you feel most relaxed and Stress-free at that hour.

I reached sharp at 1 AM and was greeted by Amit’s Assistants, They took me to Groom’s Lounge and Amit started Discussing Concepts with me, I had three functions lined up with three different themes.
Ring Ceremony: Western (All English Theme)
Cocktail: I-Don’t-Give-a-Damn Theme (Tapori Dressing)
Wedding: Ethnic (Royal Theme)

We chatted, discussed and finalized dresses for all three occasions, I took more than 1 hour to decide my pick from the shortlisted concepts. I walked out of the studio at 30 minutes past 4am in the morning. But with the satisfaction that my wedding dresses are in the right hands.

Amit Behki who is an eminent groom fashion designer, is one gentleman who can visualize the look in first glance and you feel like leaving things on him. The best bit of having your Dresses designed from Creative Stop is that they take care of your dresses end-to-end, From Head to toe. You don’t have to worry about safaa, jutti, accessories, shoes, tie, cufflinks or anything, which is part of your look for the D-Day!

It was the moment when the anxiety (of not getting a dress of my Dreams) turned into the excitement (of when I will get my outfits!) and I was counting days to the delivery Date promised. But I felt an unusual satisfaction that I don’t need to go for supplement shopping like of accessories etc.

Few points which moved me were:
1. That undivided attention when you are in meeting with Mr. Behki who is an expert for Men's Designer wear.
2. That Luxury of Midnight meetings!
3. Extra-Ordinary and Ahead-of-the-time concepts for Dresses
4. Attention to detail in everything that they do.
5. Everything covered from Head to Toe in an outfit.
6. And mother of all- They send a guy to dress you up on the D-Day who ties a Safaa for that Perfect look.
7. Last but not the least- an in-studio photo shoot for groom, The moments to cherish even after years!

My Dresses Were Like:
For Ring ceremony: An ivory colored British tuxedo offset by a Black glazed fitted trousers with front Pleated straight hem shirt completed with a Satin Black Waist belt and a navy blue Pocket square to complement Ramina’s gown. Wore Precious stone cufflinks and Mirror-shine patent Leather Shoes with it.

For Cocktail: A Tattered, Badly Torn Rugged jeans to give that Rustic casual look with a deep neck flowy Black fitted Tee with a Denim look Quirky tweed with Beige detailing. With a Hand-Stiched Blue shoes with Leather Lining to complete the look!

For Wedding: A Beautiful multilayered (with shades of Bride’s Lehnga) sherwani with antique work, worn over a copper colored anarkali silk kurta with hand-stiched jutti and a Jaipuri ‘Sawaai’ Safaa and chest accessories and a Kalgi to give the perfect look. And how can I forget that JadaauTalwar (sword) to give that Kingly feel.

My dress assistant made sure that my dress looks perfect on the D-day and ensured to stay around me to help me with any adjustment on the Fly. I loved this part of getting outfits designed by Creative Stop.

I was showered with compliments and I love flipping through my wedding album. The interesting bit is when Ramina met Amit Behki for the first time, the first thing that she said was “That I hate you for dressing Somesh better than me” Of course in good humor. Amit is now a Friend for Life for the kind of Human Being he is!

My quick tip: Take an SUV when you go for delivery of Dresses, they give you some really big and Flamboyant customized packing for your dress, So that you start feeling that Princely Feel that Moment you get out of their Studio.

'With all the Love and gratitude'

Somesh Jagga